A group of cyclists at the side of a london canal listening to bike tour guide Paul

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a BrakeAway Bike Tour?

Contrary to popular belief London is a marvellous city for cycling in and consequently the most effective (not to mention fun!) way to see and learn about London. All BrakeAway guides are locals and know more about London than you could shake a stick at. So if you want to discover the mad and the bad, the odd and the quirky and learn of London’s absorbing past, then don’t delay and BOOK today.

How much fun will I have cycling in London?

London has been undergoing a cycling revolution! New cycle superhighways have been opened, adding to what is already one of the world’s largest urban cycle networks. Furthermore, what with the recent introduction of the Santander cycle hire scheme, cycling is fast becoming ‘the’ way to travel for Londoners and visitors alike. The only snag is knowing which way to go in one of the world’s most chaotic street plans…but that’s where your BrakeAway tour guide comes in!

How safe is it to take a cycle tour?

We take safety seriously: all safety equipment, such as helmets, lights and reflective clothing (for the non-summer months), is included in the price of the tour, and your guide will constantly be in touch with all riders as to what is coming up so you are free to cycle with confidence throughout the tour.

All of our tours avoid busy roads, instead taking advantage of your guide’s expert knowledge of quieter back streets, riverside pathways and park routes. As experienced cyclists, who are highly familiar with the routes being taken, your guide’s are also more than able to ensure your safety at all times. If you know how to ride a bike then this really is the best way to see London.

Do you have to be fit to take a BrakeAway Bike Tour?

No way. The reason we started this company is because we don’t like hard work! Seriously, our bike tours are an opportunity to explore and discover London, not a race around it. Our leisurely routes avoid all hills in London (not hard as there aren’t any!), instead cruising from site to site whilst you enjoy a bit of patter (chat) with your friendly tour guide. We also make frequent stops, so that you can enjoy that Kodak moment and listen to tales of London past and present.

Anybody can enjoy our bike tours, no matter their fitness level.

Do I need to make a reservation?

It is highly advisable. We limit our groups to 12 to make your tour a more pleasurable experience, so you should try to make a reservation as early as possible. However, if there is space on a tour we will always try to accommodate late riders.

Can I change the tour date if I need to?

If, for any reason, you find you can’t make the tour we are happy to either transfer you to another date or even issue a refund, providing you give us reasonable notice.

Do tours include the hire of a bicycle?

Yes. Our cruiser bicycles are ideal for…’cruising’ obviously!…around London. Our bikes are fun, fresh, comfy and packed with personality, and since they are made out of aluminium they are as light as a feather. Nothing makes you feel like a kid again than riding around on a beach cruiser. So come on, put on some shorts and sandals and come and have a little two-wheeled fun with BrakeAway.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes. We discount three pounds from the full price if you wish to bring your own bike, which will be refunded at the time of the tour. However, you will be disappointed that you didn’t take out one of our cruisers.

What if I have a problem with my bike on the tour?

Our bikes are extremely reliable as they are all manufactured in the UK. However, in the unlikely event of a mishap our guides are ready equipped with repair kits.

Do you stop for a break?

We take up to a half hour break – depending on what the group decides – on all of our tours, and there are opportunities to purchase sandwiches/ drinks or to just work on your colour if you so desire!

Do you have a place to store valuables?

Yes. All valuable items can be stored securely at our base whilst you are on a tour. The storage unit will remain locked, however, all items are held at the owner’s responsibility. Best thing to do is to bring only what you need on the tour. Don’t bring any laptops, but don’t forget your camera!

What about the weather?

Our tours run seven days a week, whatever the weather, unless the Thames happens to flood the Southbank that is – though that hasn’t happened since 1928… and we have the Thames Barrier these days too!

Contrary to popular belief it DOES NOT rain every day in England, especially not in London. The British capital actually gets less rain annually than Rome, Houston and Sao Paulo! However, we supply rain ponchos in the event of rain. One thing for certain, though, you won’t get washed away by a bit of British drizzle.

Where does the tour meet?

To make us easy to find the tour guide will meet everybody 15 minutes before the tour departure time outside the entrance to platforms 1 & 2 at Waterloo train station, which can be reached on the Northern, Jubilee, Bakerloo and Waterloo & City lines and also via national rail mainline services. Click here for full details.

What time should I arrive?

Ideally we like everyone to arrive 15 minutes before a tour starts. We endeavour to get underway on time, so we appreciate it if you can try to keep to the allotted tour time. If you are running late please call us to let us know and we will do our best to hold up the tour for a reasonable period of time.

Where does the tour finish?

All tours finish back at our base from where they began, but don’t worry all tours follow a loop and you certainly won’t be repeating any of the sights.

What are your contact details?

Click here for full contact details.